Wedding Photo Sharing App: How Your Loved Ones Can Still Be Part of Your Special Day

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A wedding is a beautiful occasion. It is one of the most memorable days in the life of the bride, groom and their families. The memories that we make on this day remain with us for countless years that follow. However, with the pandemic many of your close family and friends can’t travel and make it to the wedding. It is so sad to think that you won’t have everyone together to celebrate the big day. That is where a wedding photo sharing app comes in. 

A photo sharing app allows you to have all your wedding photos in one place and guests who can’t make it will be able to view photos, send messages and give toasts. Making this app the perfect companion on this day.

You want to capture all these beautiful moments which might never repeat themselves again and keep them with you to take a trip down memory lane whenever you want. Oftentimes in the fast-paced life that we live makes us forget what makes our lives special. A wedding photo-sharing app makes sure that we don’t forget. It is also a great way to ensure that these precious moments stay safe and secure forever.

Why Download a Wedding Photo Sharing App?

Here are three big reasons why to use a wedding photo sharing app:

The Couples First Dance From Every Angle

You want the images to not only capture the people that were present there that day, but you also want those images to reflect the emotions and feelings that were there. 

The best candid photographers are the guests that are present at your wedding. They are going to take pictures, and they are going to take a lot of them. There will be moments in those pictures that you would want to see, cherish, save and keep forever, but how are you going to manage getting all those pictures in a single place? Well, this is where a wedding photo sharing app comes in. With a wedding photo-sharing app, you can send a link to all your guest who are attending beforehand, and ask them to add their photos directly into your album you have created – so those special moments captured by your guest from their eye and angle are captured and stored in one place, with comments and you can even share them with anyone you want.

This enhances your total wedding experience as it gives you the ability to find all the pictures by a simple tap on the screen of your phone. It saves you a lot of time and effort that you would otherwise spend on coordinating with everyone and having them send you the pictures individually.

Everyone Can Be Part of the Wedding Day

Parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents are the most vulnerable to coronavirus. Therefore, it is unsafe for them to travel or be around lots of people. Yet, they are often some of the most important people you want to be part of your wedding. The good news is your family and friends can still be part of the day. Simply, create a wedding album on the app and share it with them. They can see all the candid photos and feel like they are right there with you. Plus ask them to send any special wishes for all to see or even send a Virtual Toast to the proud couple

Keep Special Moments Private

Sometimes we don’t want to share everything publicly on social media. Wedding photo apps let you choose who sees the album. Keep all your special moments safe.

ForKeeps Digital Wedding Photo Album

If you are looking for the best wedding photo-sharing app on the market, then ForKeeps Digital Wedding Photo Album is your answer. ForKeeps has really made a revolutionary app that will completely transform the way you experience your wedding day. ForKeeps understands the value of emotions and feelings, which is why this app makes it easy for you to allow your guests to contribute to your special day by sharing their feelings with you in the form of pictures, messages or toasts.


Notifications – You will be notified of any changes or additions that have been made to your wedding album. You will be able to read comments from your family and friends and get to see the pictures that they add to your album.

Accessibility Storing and accessing your wedding album has never been easier. No matter where you are, your special moments will always stay with you.

Share – You will be able to share your album with all your guests beforehand, which means that they will be able to add pictures to your album in real-time. So, as the day progresses, your album will grow, and by the time it ends, your wedding album will be complete.

Virtual Toasts – If you have loved ones, who, for some reason, could not make it on your wedding day, you can still make them a part of your big day with ForKeeps Digital Wedding Photo Album. They will be able to see the pictures and send their wishes in the form of digital toasts.

Privacy – ForKeeps understands that a wedding day is a deeply private affair, and they value it. You will be in complete control of who gets to see your album and who doesn’t. Only the people that you invite will be able to see the album and add pictures.

Bookmarks – You can bookmark your wedding album to find it easily whenever you want.

How to Create a Wedding Album on ForKeeps

Here is a step by step guide to how you can create your wedding album on ForKeeps App.

Step 1 – You will have to download the FREE app from the iOS app store or Google play, depending on your device.

Step 2 – Sign up and choose ‘Digital Photo Album.’ 

Step 3 – Choose your album theme e.g. Wedding

Step 4 – Next, choose the privacy settings.

Step 5 – Add a title for your album and a special note for the people who see your album.

Step 6 – Invite all the guests that you want to be able to see the album and contribute to it.

Step 7 – it is done. Your digital wedding album is created, and your guests can add plenty of pictures for you to see on your special day. See one of our featured albums here

ForKeeps Digital Album Pricing

ForKeeps Digital Photo Album is only $4.99 per album (One Off Payment). Get the full ForKeeps digital wedding album experience, complete with the ability to add thousands of pictures to your album and share these precious moments with your friends and family.

Download ForKeeps App today and make your special day one to remember for eternity.

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