Digital Photo Album

Create a beautifully designed Digital Photo Album for any occasion. Celebrate the birth of a newborn, your wedding, an anniversary or birthday. Honour a loved one that has passed with a memorial or customisable album that can last FOREVER!

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Why a Digital Album?

We all have albums and photos in drawers or saved on our phones or computers. The problem is that these photos aren’t always accessible or easy to view, not to mention the risk of them getting lost if your phone or computer crashes or gets stolen.

Create & Share

Forever Digital Albums allows you to create albums quickly and easily, which you can share privately or publicly. These albums can then be coordinated into themes that can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world.


An Album for all occassions

Capture your life moments and save them as Digital Photo Albums. This allows you to access and view these snapshots easily.


View on App and online

Your albums can be viewed on the App and also online, this feature means your albums are viewable and searchable beyond the mobile application.



Our Digital Album themes cover most occasions, but just in case we’ve missed one, you can use our Custom Album, to create your very own occasion, like #MyRoute66 Road trip


Go Digital vs Analogue

As the world becomes more digital, don’t let your memories be left behind in a format that leaves them at risk. Digitize your albums and preserve not only your photos, but also your memories.

Our Digital Album Range

Digital Photo Album Inspiration

Memorials & Tributes

This is a simple and incredibly personal way to commemorate the life of a loved one. Treasure their memories forever with an obituary, photos, tributes and everlasting candles.

Life Events

We experience many milestones and occasions during our lifetime. Getting engaged, married, baby showers or even having a baby. These life events can all be preserved, forever.


Many of us love to travel, albeit local or around the world. The trip up Mount Glacier, or your first holiday with your partner. Create your Holiday Albums digitally and save these moments forever.


Imagine creating a Digital Album the morning of your big day. You send the link to all your guests, and whilst the wedding unfolds, your guests can upload photos to your Wedding Album.


Do you remember your first day at school or your graduation day? Life has many remarkable moments, that can be saved for yourself & future generations to reflect on.

Faith & Spiritual

Whoever you believe in and whatever religion you may follow, our Digital Album is a great way to celebrate with family & friends. Whether it be Christmas, Diwali or Eid, these memories are timeless and can be saved safely.

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