How to Create a Video Will and Testament

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Although the thought of death is grim, it is a natural part of life. It is an unstoppable occurrence that will always evoke sad emotions. Yet, you can make the grieving process easier on your loved ones by leaving a video will and testament.

A video message for your loved ones to access through their phone is not only a beautiful way for them to remember you but also a great way to explain your last wishes. They can access the files as and when they wish to, so they can forever look back on the beautiful memories you made together and know exactly how much you loved them. So let’s take a look at how to create a video will and testament.

Benefits of Creating a Video Will

It is often recommended that you have a written will. But something you may not have thought of is also creating a video will. A video message to go with your written will can bring peace to your loved ones. Here are some major benefits of creating a video will:

  • First off, the video can be a way for you to explain yourself. A typical will is often written in lawyer jargon and can be hard for your loved ones to interpret your last wishes especially at an emotional state. Therefore, you can use the video to put your loved ones at ease with explaining your last wishes in your own words.
  • Second, a video can be a great way to express your feelings and hopes for your loved ones. We all worry that we won’t be able to say goodbye or tell a loved one how we feel before passing away. And unfortunately a written will doesn’t do that for you. That is why a video will be essential. 
  • Lastly, a video means your loved ones can hear your voice anytime and anywhere.

How Can I Make a Video Will?

With ForKeeps Afterlife Messages you can create a video, audio or written message for your loved ones that can be delivered safely and securely to them at a future date. Furthermore, ForKeeps allows you to create as many videos as you wish. So you can make one video about your last wishes to be delivered to all your loved ones once you pass away. But then make individual, personal videos to be delivered to each family member and friend. This way you can ensure they know how much you loved and cared for them. 

Or create messages for future celebrations that you do not know the date for, you can nominate an Afterlife Executor Message Guardian with any special instructions that they can deliver your wishes when the time is right. For instance, they can help send the message on an unknown date such as a child getting married, a birthday or anniversary.

ForKeeps Features

The main features of ForKeeps Afterlife Message include:

  • Reliable delivery of your message to an individual or a group of your choice.
  • Choose between several pre-sets and themes that you want to use in your message.
  • Afterlife Guardians allows you to nominate a person who will then deliver your message to your loved ones on your behalf.
  • You also have the option of sending a message to people when they reach a certain age with the special guardian option.

Leaving behind an Afterlife message is so important as it means your loved ones will always feel your love and support. Allow your legacy to live on and for your loved ones to access your best memories through a ForKeeps Afterlife message. Create an Afterlife Message in a few minutes. Download the app today and get started!

Create Your Own Digital Legacy Now!