How to Put Together a Digital Legacy Plan

Create Your Own Digital Legacy Now!

So what is a digital legacy exactly?

A digital legacy is digital information about someone that is available after their death. People’s digital legacies are typically moulded by the interactions they had and the information they created. This could include their social media profiles, online discussions, images, videos, gaming profiles, and their website or blog, among other things. It can also be something more personal like a private message to a loved one. 

Content published or co-authored by others can potentially influence someone’s digital legacy. Interactions that took place on someone else’s social media wall or stream may be included. What others have written about a person in a newspaper, blog, or other website may influence their digital legacy.

Planning a digital legacy

Planning something to do with death is definitely morbid but it is something that needs to be done. Here are some tips to help you ease any uncomfortable feelings you may have about planning a digital legacy:

  • Don’t worry about what you perceive as ‘normal’

It is human nature to question our behavior and thoughts and compare them to others and what we think is right or wrong. Please try not to worry about what the ‘acceptable’ response is to talk about death. Everyone is an individual, and therefore, we all respond differently to the subject of death. Some may be fully transparent while others may take a more reserved approach. Whatever you are feeling does not matter – what matters is that your feelings are validated and you get the help you need. 

  • Reach out for support

You don’t have to face this alone. Reach out to other family members or close friends who can help you through this process.


ForKeeps is the best way to preserve your digital legacy and it makes the task simple and easy. You can leave your legacy in the form of an Afterlife Message with ForKeeps. Afterlife Message allows you to create messages in the form of a video, audio or text which then can easily be delivered to family and friends at a future date. find out more.

Afterlife message

The quick, easy service allows you to create your intended message and, upon your passing, it will be delivered to your loved ones. These will be your last words so plan them carefully and ensure you say what you truly want to say. This is one of the things people will remember you by so make it worthwhile. 


ForKeeps afterlife message helps achieve the following:


  • A message tailored to your personality 
  • A message directed at more than one person (for example your three kids)
  • Successfully nominating an executor (they will notify us on the day of your passing)
  • Choice over who delivers your special message
  • Words of comfort and support for your loved ones
  • Creating messages for future dates like your child’s 18th birthday 


You can download the Forkeeps app on the Apple store, Google Play and web app or sign up for afterlife message service now. 

Create Your Own Digital Legacy Now!