ForKeeps, a world’s first digital platform

Do you ever wish you could hear a lost loved one’s voice just one more time? Or wish you knew what happened to the photos from all those family holidays and special occasions years ago? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to access these at any time, wherever you are, and share them with family and friends years from now, or even your future generations who haven’t even been born yet? ForKeeps allows you to do just that.

ForKeeps (Pty) Ltd is a innovative digital company, that is part of the Badger Group of companies that operates out of USA, Australia, South Africa and Israel, who’s sole vision is to change the way people behave in the world towards celebrating life and the afterlife in the digital age.

The idea behind ForKeeps, was a combination of ideas and dreams from different personal experiences from the management team, who all shared the desire to change how we currently celebrate life digitally, pay tribute to loved ones who have sadly departed and the legacy we leave behind for loved ones.

The app has currently two key features that includes:

AfterLife Messages: you can create a message for a loved one today, and have it delivered to them after your death, or on a future known or unknown. AfterLife Message’ has been built based on 100’s of business logics rules that allows anyone the freedom to let their loved ones know how they felt in their own words, once they have sadly departed. They can choose the format (notes, audio, or video), the occasion and also when the message should be sent. It’s a message that will last forever and give you the ability to speak life into future situations even when you are no longer around.

Digital Photo Album: a digital album that can be created in minutes, for all occasions, from the birth of a newborn, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, memorials or even a custom albums, to capture precious moments or events from the Road Trip with friends, to the Baby Shower you have thrown for your friends. For example, if you were getting married today, you could create your wedding album in the morning, and then send the link to all your guests who are attending, and whilst the day unfolds, your guests could add real-time photos to your album, with their own messages – to give you a truly once in a lifetime view of your wedding from everyone’s eyes – were all your guests become your photographers capturing every single precious moment.

Our Vision

Preserving memories and wishes forever – by loved ones for loved ones

Our Promise

Securely and easily create and deliver memories of a person’s life with loved ones

Key App Features

Privacy & Security

In today’s digital age privacy and security is a very important factor. You need to make sure that all your data is in your control and you get to choose who you share it with.

Easy & Account Creation

Create an account by following our secure and safe 3 step process with banking level security

One-time Payment

Our product features (Digital Photos Album and AfterLife Messages) payment plan, is based on an affordable once off payment vs ongoing monthly subscription

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Future AfterLife Message

Create a AfterLife Message (as either a Note, Audio or Video), that can be time-released when you have gone. A heartfelt message for loved one by loved ones.

Choose a Guardian

Nominate a Guardian who can deliver your message when you have sadly passed away


Share albums with friends and family and allow them to add messages, tributes, and photos forever

Bits and pieces

What do people keep or store in their houses for
sentimental purposes.

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