“When you become a loved one’s memory, that memory becomes their treasure.”

– ForKeeps

The ForKeeps award-winning legacy app allows you to capture your own story, share your last thoughts with loved ones, and celebrate your life’s greatest moments forever!

Create your own legacy through AfterLife messages (video, voice, or a letter) and Forever digital photo albums. Or, create a shareable tribute album for someone else who has passed.


Use ForKeeps on your iPhone, and Android.

Which moments will you keep forever?

Forever Digital Photo Albums

Create a beautifully designed Digital Photo Album in minutes celebrating anything from a christening, baby shower, the birth of a Newborn, an engagement, wedding or anniversary, birthdays and holidays or even memorial album to remember loved ones Forever!

Choose an Album Type

Creating an album is simple and takes less than 2 minutes to do

Manage your album

Choose the settings of your album up front

Add a Special Notice

You can also add a special notification to your album, For example a reading, poem or words of wisdom from the Father of the bride

Add Photos & Keep things Social

Add your photos and then share with others via Social media, WhatsApp and Email

Collaborate, contribute and share virtual messages

Let everyone contribute to your album, make comments, and even receive a virtual gesture in real-time

Save and select a Payment Plan

Save and select a one-off payment per album, to secure the design and storage of your Forever Photo Album. Remembering the 1st one is for FREE


Choose an Album Type


Album Privacy


Special Notice


Share & Comments


Virtual Wishes


Select Payment

Album Privacy

You have the control and flexibility to make your digital album Private or viewable and searchable by all

Share & Comment

Easily and simply share with your contacts via Whatsapp, email, and social media

Virtual Wishes & Gestures

Send a virtual gesture or wish when you can’t be there. Light a candle, toast newlyweds or send a balloon to a newborn, all virtually.

Photos & Messages

Allows for others to add photos and/or personalise messages, tributes or wishes to your album

Bookmark Album

You have the ability to Bookmark albums to find them easily within your Bookmark Folder in the future


Makes it easy for you to access your library of albums anytime and anywhere. You will always have your special moments with you no matter where you go

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Who will you leave comforting words for?

AfterLife Messages

None of us knows when our last day will be, but like a will or testament, you can create a personal AfterLife message today, easily, safely and securely that will be delivered to family and friends when you are gone by ForKeeps – creating digital memories forever. 

Creating an AfterLife message is easy!

Create your message by following our easy steps, starting by nominating an Afterlife Executor Guardian (one time only) and then get creating…

When should your message be delivered

Your message could be delivered either Upon your Death, on a future Known date (e.g. sons 30th bday) or Unknown Date (e.g. your daughters wedding)

Who will the message be sent to

Select if the message is intended for a single person or a group of people

How will your message be delivered

Select if the message is to be sent directly to the recipient/s or via a nominated Afterlife Message Guardian

Add your Recipients Personal Details

Quick and easily add your AfterLife Message recipient/s Personal Details

Select your message format

You can create your personal message as either a Video, Audio or Text and Save

Select a Payment Plan

Select a Message Payment Plan that suits your needs from the 1st one for FREE, and there after our Basic Message, to Standard and Premium Bundles


Choose a Delivery Trigger


Decide who it goes to


Choose a Delivery Route


Choose your Format


Choose your Format

Afterlife Delivery

Deliver your afterlife message upon your death, on a future Known Date or Unknown Date

Message Formats

Choose from various formats including Video, Audio, and Text Message, all easily and quickly done within the app

Message Delivery

Send your message directly to your recipient or via a Special Guardian

Individual or Group

Send your message directly or to a group up to 10 people e.g your siblings, bikers, or book club.

Afterlife Guardians

Like an executor on a will, your memories will be delivered via an Afterlife Message Gaudian with your special instructions.

Message Themes

Add a little more personalization – make it easy to recognize for your message with a theme.

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Digital Forever Album

Ready to create an innovative album for the digital age?

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Afterlife Message

Create an afterlife message for loved ones for after you die

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