Create A Farewell Message For Your Family

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Creating a farewell message for your family is a truly generous thing to do. The message will be delivered to them in your chosen format (audio, video, or text), and they will be able to see, hear, or read all the things you want to tell them after you’ve gone. Not only is this a cathartic process for you to go through when you create a farewell message for your family, but imagine how blessed they will feel when they receive it, and they can hear your voice one last time or read the words that truly come from your heart. 


It’s clear that making a farewell message for your family is a good idea for everyone involved, but just what should you say in your message? Here are some ideas for you to think about so you can ensure the message you leave behind is perfect.

Express Gratitude

Thank your loved ones, express your emotions, and speak everything on your mind. When you create a farewell message for your family, it’s good to let them know that whatever they did for you, no matter how small, was appreciated. This will make them feel happier and will give them the knowledge they need to be sure that they made the right choices and did what they could to make your life better, whether that was in general or specifically related to your passing.

Know That It Might Take A While

Keep in mind that your loved ones may not want to hear from you after death. This emotion may shift over time, and they may want to hear your message and feel compelled to do so at times, while at others, they may avoid it. As a result, consider carefully if this aspect of your legacy planning is necessary.


If you’re sure that it’s the right thing to do, just be aware that it could take months, perhaps even years, for your loved ones to feel ready to listen to what you have to say. It’s best not to be too specific about dates or special occasions in that case, as it might not make any sense when they do finally hear your words.

Consider The Words

You cannot rush things when you create a farewell message for your family. You need to take your time and carefully consider your final words within the message so that you can be sure it will be cherished forever, and that the things you say have a lot of meaning. You need to allow yourself to be as honest as possible; these are the messages that mean so much.

Choose The Right Company To Help You

It’s crucial you make an informed decision when selecting an online service to help you record and deliver your message. There are numerous businesses that will store an audio, video, or text goodbye message, but you must pick one that is trustworthy and will keep your data secure when you create a farewell message for your family. 


Look at any reviews they might have, and even speak to those who have received messages like the one you intend to create; did it work well? Were they taken good care of? 


At ForKeeps Afterlife Messages, you can be sure you’re making the right choice and that your message will be delivered in exactly the manner you choose. To make things even easier, not only can you check out our website, but you can even download our app. Create a farewell message for your family that will speak for you after you have gone.

Create Your Own Digital Legacy Now!