What Makes Forkeeps Different From Other IPhone Photo Apps

Create Your Own Digital Legacy Now!

There is a whole world of photo apps out there, from the collages to the video reels you can create in the palm of your hand. This can seem that all IPhone photo apps are the same. But that simply isn’t true! ForKeeps is different from others as it is not just about storing photos or creating stunning photo albums but centered around keeping us connected. Through ForKeeps we can celebrate life digitally, pay tribute to loved ones that have passed or leave a digital legacy. Let’s take a closer look at what makes ForKeeps different from other IPhone photo apps.


Staying connected with loved ones has become increasingly difficult throughout the pandemic. We have never been so isolated.This means missing out on spending time with friends and family or not getting the chance to say goodbye to loved ones. Overall, it can create depression and anxiety for many of us. So how can ForKeeps help me with this?

You can share photos with your friends and family right now, or create a message (video, text or audio) for your family to enjoy in the future. No other app allows you to celebrate life and the afterlife in the same way ForKeeps does.

How ForKeeps Started

ForKeeps was created to change the way that we experience life and the afterlife. Adding this to the technology in the palm of your hand was a natural progression of a shared idea. Paying tribute to loved ones, having access to memories of those we love and being a part of the legacy left behind is exactly what ForKeeps offers. There are two key features to the ForKeeps app, and these include:

Afterlife Messages. If you ever find yourself wishing that you could hear the voice of someone you’ve loved and lost just one more time, you need a ForKeeps app on your phone. Being able to create messages for people that you love and delivering that message to them after you pass on is a huge comfort to the people left behind. You get the chance to let the people you love know how you feel even if you are unable to see each together one last time. This can bring closure for everyone. 

Additionally this message can be a keepsake for your loved ones. They will forever be able to go back and visit this message anytime. You can choose the format in which you leave the message, whether that be a video, an audio file or notes to send. You can dictate when to send the message and even the occasion in which you send it. You are in full control over your Afterlife Message and you can even pre-record for future events. This leaves a part of you behind even when you’re not there.

Digital Photo Albums. With the handy ForKeeps app, you have the option to also create a digital photo album in a few minutes. Capture the birth of a newborn in the family, a wedding, a birthday – you name it. You can even create memorial albums to capture the most precious moments you could ever have with family and friends. You can create an album at the party or event you’re attending, and then you can send the link to all in attendance in an instant. Guests could then share the joy by adding photos in the moment into the album, adding their own personalized messaging and keeping the memories together in one bundle. All of the guests join together to photograph the event, and that brings you all together for unforgettable moments. As mentioned above, the pandemic has made sharing these moments more difficult. ForKeeps help all loved ones still feel part of the moment and overall reduce the feeling of isolation. 

Why Choose Our IPhone Photo App

At ForKeeps, we want to help you to preserve your precious memories. We believe in secure, easy to create memories in some of the most wonderful moments you could have together. Our vision is all about ensuring that you and your loved ones get to keep each other alive – even after passing away.


Our app comes with some of the top of the line features you’d expect to see, and much more. The app offer the following:

Privacy & Security

We’re living in a digital world, and that means that you need to keep your most precious moments as secure as possible. You don’t want your photos and information being hacked or random individuals getting a hold of photos. Our privacy and security settings are such that you can share your data with only the people you love and no one else.

Easy To Use

Creating a ForKeeps account is easy! We have a 3-step process for security and login so it’s only ever going to be you that has access to your account.

Payment Plan

Our payment plan is your choice: A one off payment, or a plan that offers an ongoing monthly subscription. Whichever way to pay suits you, we’re here for it!

Choose ForKeeps Today

If you’re looking to create memories, future Afterlife Messages or simply to share digital photo albums, then choose ForKeeps. Our app is available no matter where you are, and you never need to worry about being close to those you love again. Share the love today with ForKeeps – you won’t regret the time you take to make those memories.

Create Your Own Digital Legacy Now!