leaving loved ones a message

This app lets you leave a message for a loved one from beyond the grave

The pain and longing after losing a loved one is an indescribable feeling – and one that cannot be compensated for with anything other than the person themselves. While being in their presence or hearing their voice for the last time is not a realistic solution, this innovative app may be the next best thing.

ForKeeps is a world-first digital platform which allows you to securely, and easily, create and deliver messages, memories, wishes and celebrations – like a futuristic time capsule to be shared between family and friends. It acts as a digital archive, keeping record of all your most sentimental memories and moments. While you are here, and for long after you are gone, ForKeeps you can record it digitally.


The nature of memories is that they change and sometimes become hazy or even fade altogether, and by saving them digitally, you ensure their longevity. The app enables you to record the voices of your loved ones so you can never forget how they sounded, share precious moments like the birth of a child ‒ even with themselves when they are long grown up, leave snapshots of your life for your great-grandchildren who haven’t even been thought of yet.

The concept of the app was borne from the management team – Rob Inglis, Michelle van Niekerk, Pieter Meyer and Prakash Patel’s – desire to to give people the opportunity to capture and share everlasting moments. “We live in an era of digital technology, where the impossible is now possible through innovative new technology and thinking. We have the ability to do anything, even create everlasting memories.” says Patel, CEO of ForKeeps.

leave message for loved one

Patel has an extensive background as a senior marketing, digital and branding executive. He believes that all things are possible using technology as the enabler, creative as the ideator, and data as the incubator of insight. And with the opportunities that technology offers us, he believes it is essential that we use it to keep important moments alive forever.

The ForKeeps app has three core features, two of which are currently live.


Apart from leaving a will or a physical note for your loved ones after you die, there is currently nothing out there in the world that allows you to specifically capture and store a recorded message. The ForKeeps Timeless Message allows you to let your loved ones know how you feel in your own words, even after you pass away. This message can be delivered in the format of a video, audio or notes and you can choose when you’d like it to be delivered, for example upon your death, on a known future date like a sibling’s birthday, or even an unknown date like a future wedding day.The message will be delivered to them directly or indirectly via a Message Guardian on the  predefined date.


We all create albums, from paper-based traditional albums to those we store on our phones or social media sites. The problem is that these albums are not designed to be viewed by others in a digital space that is easily accessible, and where only those you have chosen to see them can have access. With the Forever Album, you can beautifully design an album in minutes, such as your wedding album on the morning of the big day which you send out to all your guests. And, as the day unfolds, they can capture the special day from their own perspective. You’ll also be able to share it with family and friends so they can add their tributes in the form of videos, photos and notes.


ForKeeps is currently working on a feature which will allow you to build a Digital Legacy that can be a glimpse for future generations to see. When your grandchildren have grandchildren, wouldn’t you like them to know who their great-great-grandparents were? Imagine leaving a digital legacy documenting how cool you were back in the day? So when your grandchildren have grandchildren, they’ll be able to get to know their great-frat grandparents. These moments could be in the form of a video, images and voice notes. Keep checking the ForKeeps app for updates. You never know, you might have first dibs on trying out this new feature.

ForKeeps app is available for free on the Google Play Store and iOS Apple Store with in-app purchases. There is also a desktop version available.