How to Leave a Digital Legacy

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The decisions that we make throughout our lives even the tiniest and seemingly inconsequential ones, all contribute to the person that we are and determine our future. We go through so much in our lifetime, we experience so much, feel so much and do so much. You might not realize it but whatever we do in our lives is our contribution to the whole of mankind. It is our legacy and when we are no longer present, our legacy is all that is left to remind the world about us. It is important to leave behind the essence of what you learned in your lifetime.

Our legacy is a culmination of our experience and wisdom, it can guide the future generations. They can learn from it and build on it. All of us deserve to be remembered by loved ones when we are gone, and all our legacies are worth leaving behind to guide the future generations through their lives.

What is a Digital Legacy?

We live in the age of information and technology. Our lives are deeply connected with technology especially in the forms that we communicate in. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives; we need them in order to function effectively in today’s world. Everything we do is recorded either on our social media accounts or in our computers and smartphones. Since all major forms of communication are digital it is easy for us to look at what we were doing 5 years ago. You can go through your emails, text messages, call records and social media platforms to find all your communications. The content that we post on our social media platforms is our contribution to the world. 

A digital legacy is the culmination of all the information and communication that we were a part. It can include websites, blogs, videos, photos, online conversations, social media accounts and gaming profiles. Basically, anything related to us that is in a digital form is our digital legacy. It can include posts or content created by others about us. Any form of media or art that we created is also part of our digital legacy. The accumulation of everything and anything related to you that is in a digital form is part of your digital legacy.

Why Leave a Digital Legacy?

Your digital legacy is your contribution to mankind. If it gets lost it is a loss. Your digital legacy is going to give your loved ones a chance to see how you felt and what you did, when you were with them. It is the culmination of your life’s work and experiences. It is a great way to help future generations out by telling what you went through, the problems that you faced and how you persevered. There is a certain kind of wisdom that comes with time, it can be very helpful for the people that follow you to learn about life from your experiences. 

Another reason that you should leave behind a digital legacy is that you want to leave something that your loved ones can remember you by. Memories can fade with time, but a digital legacy will remain with them throughout their lives. Your digital legacy can act as a beacon of hope and support for them. Leaving behind a digital legacy is important if you want your life’s work to be remembered and want to give your loved ones the chance to celebrate your life.

What Do I Need to Include?

Your digital legacy will contain everything that you think is meaningful to you and close to your heart. Since a digital legacy is something that you will leave behind when you are no longer in the world, it should contain everything that you want your loved ones to remember about you. Your digital legacy can contain messages for specific people that you love and care about, it could be a timeline of your life such as all the major events that you went through in your life or portfolio of the content that you created in your lifetime. There really are no right and wrong answers here. Since this is a very personal think whatever you want your digital legacy to say is the thing that you should include in it.

How to Create a Digital Legacy with ForKeeps?

ForKeeps is the best way to preserve your digital legacy. It makes the task simple and easy. You can leave your legacy in the form of an Afterlife Message with ForKeeps. Afterlife Message allows you to create messages in the form of a video, audio or text which then can easily be delivered to family and friends at a future date. All you have to do is join the ForKeeps platform and start planning what you need to include in your legacy, the rest of it will be easily sorted out by using ForKeeps. Some of the main features of ForKeeps include:

  • Reliable delivery of your digital legacy to an individual or a group of your choice.
  • You can choose between several pre-sets and themes that you want to use in your message.
  • Afterlife Guardians allows you to nominate a person who will then deliver your message to your loved ones on your behalf.
  • You also have the option of sending a message to people when they reach a certain age with the special guardian option.

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Create Your Own Digital Legacy Now!