How to achieve social closeness during social distancing

We require social interaction and it has been cut short without any coping measures. According to recent studies loneliness can be as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Here are three apps to keep you healthy and sane while staying safe.


An app conceptualised by Prakash Patel provides support during the pandemic. It is called ForKeeps because it ‘Keeps Memories Forever’, a useful tool for recording the priceless moments in life and memories saved for the future. The app allows you to create a digital album of photographs, soon a video library as well as comments and wishes, to be shared with anyone you choose.

They are offering the opportunity to create one Forever Album for free if you to go to the iOS app store, Google Play for Android and create an account redeeming the promo code “ForKeepsToday” before the 30th April 2020.

Tik Tok

The ability to spend the day with your colleagues, family and friends as we usually do has come to an end. South African celebs and influencers have now embraced Tik Tok to stay in touch with reality, sane, share safety tips and stay connected. Follow your favourite personalities to stay in touch with the world and those close to you.


The same as every other social media app, live connections are becoming more and more prevalent. From Cardi B to the Glamour and GQ’s of the world. Stay tuned to the latest interviews, lives, posts and your favourite celebrity accounts.

We are not in this alone.