How to Share Group Photos with Family and Friends on ForKeeps App

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With everything digital, personal photos can easily be lost. Our phones or computers can stop working. Or we may be unable to find certain pictures among the thousands of photos posted on social media. This would be such a tragedy to not have these beautiful moments on hand. Therefore, you want to find a secure way to store and share these precious moments in one place. With the ForKeeps app, you can create a beautiful digital album for every occasion and invite loved ones to be able to view photos, send messages and give toasts. Making this app the perfect way to keep memories alive and share group photos with family and friends.


At the present time, Covid-19 keeps us away from our family and friends. Traveling whether by car or plane has become limited especially among the elderly – parents and grandparents. For this reason, many of us have felt we are missing out on special moments such as birthdays, births, anniversaries etc. We have felt upset when someone is not there. We have experienced isolation and loss when we cannot hug and interact with our closest family and friends. So we truly need a constant reminder of how special life is and that we are loved and supported. 

The good news is your family and friends can still be part of your life. Simply, create a digital album on the ForKeeps app and share it with your loved ones. They will then be able to view all the photos and feel like they are right there with you. These digital photo albums can be used to share a current significant moment or be a way to go down memory lane.

Photo albums can be:

  • Newborn Album – Let loved ones be part of this amazing moment even when they cannot physically be there. Babies grow quickly so this album is perfect to help parents and grandparents still be able to see the new baby. 
  • Anniversary Album – Have an album attributed to your amazing marriage and remind you how much you love each other. Every year means new adventures and memories together. So you can continue to add more photos as time passes. 
  • Wedding Album – Use the app to allow loved ones who couldn’t make it still be part of the day. They will be able to send a virtual toast or message. Furthermore, invite guests to add photos to the digital album that they took throughout the day. This way you have access to all wedding photos in one spot.
  • Memorial Album – Celebrate a loved one’s life. Let this digital album be a way for people to come together in their grief and find closure. This album is especially important today when family and friends can’t get together for wakes and vigils.
  • Birthday Album – Allow family and friends to send best wishes such balloons, happy birthday messages or add their favorite photos of you. 

Keep in mind, you can create a stunning digital album for any and every occasion.  

ForKeeps Digital Photo Album

ForKeeps has really made an innovative app that will completely transform the way you celebrate life. ForKeeps understands the value of emotions and feelings, which is why this app makes it easy for you to allow your loved ones to contribute to a photo album by sharing their feelings with you in the form of pictures, messages or toasts. 


Notifications – You will be notified of any changes or additions that have been made to any of your digital photo albums. You will be able to read comments from your family and friends and view any photos that they add to your album.

Accessibility – Storing and accessing your album has never been easier. No matter where you are, your special moments will always be there with you.

Share – Invite loved ones to the album through email, Whatsapp or social media.

Virtual Toasts – Loved ones will be able to see the pictures and send their wishes in the form of digital toasts.

Privacy – ForKeeps understands that there are special moments that are deeply private and valuable. You will be in complete control of who gets to see your album and who doesn’t. Only the people that you invite will be able to see the album and add pictures.

Bookmarks – You can bookmark digital albums to find it even quicker and easier.

How to Create a Digital Album and Share Group Photos on ForKeeps

Here is a step by step guide to how you can create your digital album on ForKeeps App.

Step 1 – You will have to download the FREE app from the iOS app store or Google play, depending on your device.

Step 2 – Sign up and choose ‘Digital Photo Album.’ 

Step 3 – Choose your album theme e.g. Wedding

Step 4 – Next, choose the privacy settings.

Step 5 – Add a title for your album and a special note for the people who see your album.

Step 6 – Invite all the loved ones that you want to be able to see the album and contribute to it.

ForKeeps Digital Album

Get the full ForKeeps digital photo album experience, complete with the ability to add thousands of pictures to your album and share these precious moments with your friends and family. Download ForKeeps App today!

Create Your Own Digital Legacy Now!