Goodbye Message to a Loved One: What Should I Say?

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Finding the right words to say when we know we won’t be around much longer is hard. It’s not an easy time to come up with the perfect thing to say to our spouse, children, family or friends, as the emotions that swirl make the right words stick in your throat. Is there a “right” thing to say to comfort loved ones? How can I convey how much I love someone? Or how do I tell everyone exactly how I feel about them?

These concerns can really stress us out. Fortunately, that is where ForKeeps comes in! ForKeeps Afterlife Message gives you the ability to create a message for your loved ones that can be delivered safely and securely to them at a future date. You will be able to choose the format (video, audio, text), the guardian and the delivery date. This way you have time to think exactly what you want to say to each and every one of your family and friends. Additionally, you will know you have said everything you wanted to say. Loved ones will have this message from you with them forever. So whenever they are feeling low they can remember your kind, loving words.

Missing Loved Ones During the Pandemic

Currently, we are living in a pandemic. This pandemic has meant that many people aren’t getting a chance to visit and say goodbye to the people they love the most. This creates a deep sadness as people are unable to get closure or see that person one last time. If we can’t be beside our loved ones in such a critical time of life, then the best thing that we can do is make our words and thoughts known and one of the best ways to do it is with a ForKeeps Afterlife Message. Below, you’ll find some thoughts on how to make the perfect goodbye message to a loved one.

Talk from the Heart

This is your chance to let the person you love know how much you cared and loved them. The best way to do this is share it all and don’t hold back from it. Don’t overthink it and worry if what you are saying is the right thing. This could be the only chance that you get to say it all and know you’ve said goodbye properly. You have the opportunity right now to say everything you feel and give them everything they need to hear. 

That is why ForKeeps enables a person to create a message in three different forms – audio, text or video. Some of us are better at expressing ourselves in writing while others are better just talking. ForKeeps allows you to say goodbye in the way that suits you.

Make Your Message Personal

The relationship that you have with your loved one is so unique, and this message can be personal to your relationship. You will want to tell them how special they are to you. Think about what personal things you have between you and you can voice these feelings and moments together when you say goodbye. 

With ForKeeps, you can create as many Afterlife messages as you want. This way you can send a personal, unique goodbye message to each loved one. 


Saying goodbye doesn’t have to be sad; it can be rich with love and emotion. That could mean letting them know that no matter what is going on, everything is going to be okay and you are at peace. Again, sharing your precious memories together can make a wonderful difference to the way that you say goodbye.

An Afterlife Message can be a great keepsake for your loved one. The message whether audio, text, or video can be something that your loved ones can go back and look at again to feel close to you. These messages will reassure your loved one that everything will be alright.

Thank Them

The person you’re saying goodbye to clearly had a huge impact on your life, or you wouldn’t make the time to say goodbye. Thank your loved one for the difference that they made to you.

Create an Afterlife Message to show them how thankful you are by sending a video, text or audio message to remind them of all the times you had together. This will help them to feel appreciated and simply telling them thank you is one of the best messages you can give to your loved one.

ForKeeps Features

The main features of ForKeeps Afterlife Message include:

  • Reliable delivery of your message to an individual or a group of your choice.
  • Choose between several pre-sets and themes that you want to use in your message.
  • Afterlife Guardians allows you to nominate a person who will then deliver your message to your loved ones on your behalf.
  • You also have the option of sending a message to people when they reach a certain age with the special guardian option.

Share Memories With ForKeeps

Memories are imprinted. They last forever, and you can create an Afterlife Message in a few minutes. Making those messages for saying goodbye will last you forever.. Sometimes, there are just no words at all to make goodbye easy, but with ForKeeps, you can give it your best shot. Download the app and get started!

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