forkeeps app for family memories

ForKeeps Lets You Keep Family Memories Alive Forever

Remember when you were a child and you had those great family holidays at the beach?
You may remember Dad or Mom taking some photographs of you and your siblings paddling around in the water or rolling down a grassy hill – but where are those pics?

We often realize what should have been done only when it’s too late – when someone close has passed away or is moving overseas. There’s no one left anymore to reminisce with.

Today, though, there’s a great way to make sure that everything is recorded – and you can keep the records as things roll out on your holiday. It’s a new app called ForKeeps.

Imagine leaving messages for loved ones from beyond the grave?
No one wants to think about it, but sadly we are all going to pass away one day – we just don’t know when. Or we may all live a life with special moments or celebrations that we would love future generations to see, from our current grandchildren to even future great-grandchildren that haven’t yet been thought of.

Or imagine having your life legacy captured digitally, to be passed onto future generations like a time capsule, so that your ancestors can see how you lived your life?

This may sound like science fiction or even a blockbuster movie, but there IS a great new way to create and keep memories alive, and it’s the brainchild of a proudly new innovative digitally-led South African company, called ForKeeps – Keeping Memories Forever.

ForKeeps is a world-first digital platform which allows people to keep their memories alive forever.
From creating a Timeless Message that can be delivered to a loved one when you are no longer here, or creating a Forever Album for all occasions, that allows you to celebrate those special moments, with sentiments, photos and tributes – or even celebrating the birth of a newborn privately with family and friends only…

Or you may want to capture your DIGITAL Legacy of your life; all those special milestones, for future generations to see…

All these can be easily and beautifully created using the ForKeeps App – which focuses on Keeping Memories Forever.

The idea of Forkeeps was a combination of ideas and dreams from different personal experiences from the ForKeeps management team, Rob Inglis, Michelle van Niekerk, Pieter Meyer and Prakash Patel, and their desire to change how we currently celebrate life, deliver everlasting messages for loved ones, when we are no longer here, through to paying tribute to loved ones, who have sadly departed forever.

The ForKeeps App isn’t a social media platform, but an app specifically designed and developed to give people the ability to celebrate life and the afterlife in a unique and innovative digital way as never seen before. Here are the key features of the app.

Timeless Message

If you suddenly passed away today, what would you have wanted to say to a loved one before going?

What would you have hoped to say to someone on a special occasion in their lives?

We often realise what should have been done only when it’s too late – when someone close has passed away or is moving overseas. There’s no one left anymore to reminisce with…

The ForKeeps Timeless Message allows anyone to let their loved ones know how they felt in their own words, even after they have departed from this world. You can choose the format (e.g. notes, audio, or video), the occasion, and also when the message should be sent – for example, upon your death, on a known future date like a sibling’s birthday, or even an unknown date like a wedding.

You can record a message, or audio or even a video that contains a small gesture in words that can be delivered to your loved ones in the way and time you want it.

Forever Album

Imagine creating your wedding album on the morning of the big day and sending it out to all your guests and, as the day unfolds, they can capture the special day from their own perspective?

Or capturing and putting together a Tribute Album to a loved one who has just passed away, allowing people to add their wishes, share their photos or even light an everlasting virtual candle?

With the Forever Album, you can beautifully design an album in minutes. You’ll also be able to share it with family and friends to add their tributes in the form of videos, photos and notes.

Digital Legacy (Coming soon)

When your grandchildren have grandchildren, wouldn’t you like them to know who their great-great grandparents were? Imagine leaving a digital legacy documenting how cool you were back in the day?

ForKeeps is currently working on a feature which will allow you to build a Digital Legacy that can be a glimpse for future generations to see. These moments could be in the form of a video, images and voice notes. Recording these little moments will mean the world to the generations that follow you.

So, keep checking the ForKeepsApp for updates – you never know, you might have first dibs on trying out this new feature.

If you’re planning a fun family holiday this Easter or over the school holidays, make sure you download the ForKeeps app
Then, while you’re away you can build an album of the pictures you take of the family having fun together, add voice notes or captions to explain the photographs, and share the album with the others who went away with you, or with family or friends you are keen to keep in the loop.

The ForKeeps App is available for free, on the Google Play Store and iOS Apple Store with in-app purchase.
It can also be used on a computer with all the amazing benefits of using this App. There is no subscription or any ongoing payment. ForKeeps has a once-off payment model, with the price for its Forever Albums or Timeless Messages being based on the bundle you choose.