Why Afterlife Messages Should Be Part of Your End of Life Plan

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End-of-life planning is not something most look forward to. Often it is not even something people do or think about until they are much older. This might be because you do not want to think too much into it. But, starting early will mean you can leave behind the perfect legacy. 

As important as wills are, to ensure your finances and possessions are divided appropriately between loved ones, we often forget the importance of leaving behind personal memories. You may wonder how exactly to do that. With ForKeeps, you can easily leave behind a personal video, audio or text messages to be sent to your loved ones after you pass. This means they will receive a message created by you to remember you by, which they can easily access and always reflect on when they want to look over all of the incredible memories that you made together. Here’s more on why Afterlife messages should be part of your end-of-life plan.

ForKeeps Afterlife Messages

Creating an Afterlife message with ForKeeps is a safe and secure way of leaving behind a legacy that your loved ones can never lose and always have access to. Additionally, these messages whether note, video or audio can be passed from generation to generation. You can schedule the messages to be delivered after you have gone or for a special celebration. You can input your loved ones’ birthdays so that a message can be delivered in time for the big day. 

Or for any other special occasion, you might want to leave an Afterlife message for, from christenings to weddings. The great thing about ForKeeps mobile application is that you can personally design your own messages, which can reflect your personality and sense of humor, which will help your loved one feel as if you are there. It means they can always have a piece of you and a message is a beautiful way to remember you.

“That’s the best thing, because we got her voice, with the cutest laugh. She may be gone, but her memory can live on forever.”

– ForKeeps

Why Should I Create an Afterlife Message?

On ForKeeps, you can create as many Afterlife messages as you desire. Therefore, you can make a unique message for all individual loved ones or for a group e.g siblings, family, friends etc. or even for special occasions such as future loved ones birthdays or anniversaries etc. By leaving an Afterlife Message, you will show how much you cared. These messages can make your family and friends feel so loved. That can be such a comfort. As you cannot be there in person to light a candle or offer a toast, you can prepare a message on the ForKeeps app. This allows you to set an individual message, which your loved one can access on a special day. 

If your message is for a future celebration that you do not know the date for, you can nominate an Afterlife Executor Message Guardian with any special instructions that they can deliver your wishes when the time is right. For instance, they can help send the message on an unknown date such as a child getting married. 

Another crucial reason for Afterlife messages being a part of your end-of-life plan is so that your loved ones can access your personal thoughts and feelings that you may not have ever shared with them. You can write stories about them growing up or moments you shared together. They can view and read your perspective on the moment and help them relive it. 

Who Can I Send an Afterlife Message To

You can send individual personal messages or to groups of people. You may want to share intimate details with a partner or child yet more humorous messages with the whole family. You can choose and delegate each message to those you wish to receive them.

Send Messages on ForKeeps 

Leaving behind an Afterlife message is so important as an end-of-life plan as it means your loved ones can always remember you the way you want them to. You can leave an emotional or humorous message, through writing or videos. It is entirely up to you. Forkeeps gives everyone the freedom to choose the best format for them. Some of us are better at writing our thoughts than speaking and vice versa. Allow your legacy to live on and for your loved ones to access your best memories through a ForKeeps Afterlife message.

Create an Afterlife Message in a few minutes. Making those messages for saying goodbye will last you forever. Download the app and get started!

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