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Time is a fleeting concept, hard as it is to grasp this concept, it has a by-product that affects all of us, change. With time we and the world that we live in change. Often, we get so involved and focused on today that we forget what brought us here. Some of our most defining and important moments can get lost in this process.

We cannot stop time and no matter how hard we try we cannot stop change, what we can do however is make sure to remember the journey. Those special moments that set us on our path in life and shaped our future are worth storing and revisiting.

ForKeeps allows you to do this by making a digital time capsule that you can store or send to loved ones to remind them and yourself of the beautiful and timeless memories that you shared.

What is a Digital Time Capsule?

The concept of a time capsule is a simple and yet profound one. It is a capsule that contains more than just pictures and videos, it contains ambitions, emotions, and values. It shows us the foundations of what our society and our lives are built on.

In the olden days, time capsules were literal physical capsules that contained news articles, pictures, and heirlooms. This capsule was stored in a safe location to be opened in the future by yourself or family members to be reminded of what life used to be like. The world has changed significantly since those times and storing physical time capsules has become unviable as people often shift their homes and it has become harder to find a secure place to store it.

In today’s digital age, time capsules have also become digital. You can make one right now from the comfort of your couch. ForKeeps allows you to create a digital time capsule that you can fill with all your cherished memories in the form of pictures, messages and gestures. You can pass on everything that you hold dear to your heart onto your loved ones or future generations without any extra hassle. It can be something as simple as a recording of your voice to be cherished and treasured by your loved ones. It can be a picture that you want your friends and family to have. It can be a video of you blowing a kiss and wishing the best of luck to your future generations. Or it can be your whole life story in the form of a picture presentation. The thing that matters is that you can leave your legacy in the hands of the people that you love.

Why Create A Digital Time Capsule?

There is no one specific reason that you should create a digital time capsule, there are many.

Keep Memories Alive – It is always a source of joy and happiness to revisit our most loved and cherished memories. It can be a source of motivation in dark times and it can warm our hearts in times of need. Few things in this world can match the happiness that a special memory provides. You can keep your memories alive with a digital time capsule for your loved ones to enjoy.

Stay Connected with Family and Friends – A time capsule is a great way to stay close to your loved ones. It reminds us of the good times and the beautiful moments that you shared with them. In the hustle and bustle of our lives, we tend to put our social interactions on the back seat. Digital time capsules are a great way around that, they keep reminding us of the good times and keeps us connected with the people that matter the most to us.

Share Your Life Story – We all have stories to tell, each of us has lived a life that is special and extraordinary in our own ways. Our future generations need to know this and extract values from our lives. Digital time capsules allow you to tell your story to the people that matter so that they can learn from it and take inspiration from your experiences.

Leave A Legacy – All of us live on through our legacies when we are no longer present in this world. Everything that you have accomplished in your life is your legacy. The struggles that you faced, your triumphs, and your wisdom are all part of the legacy. The generations that follow should know whose footsteps they are following in. You can leave your legacy in the form of a digital time capsule that will be opened by your future generations.


Your memories, your story, and your legacy are important, we understand that. ForKeeps is a platform that has been designed keeping the value of these special things in mind. We know how precious your memories are and we want to provide people with a platform that is fitting for them to store these timeless moments safely and securely.

AfterLife MessagesWe are all well aware of the ultimate eventuality of life. The thought of leaving our loved ones is not a pleasant one. You might have wanted to express your love and affection to your family and friends, but never got the chance. With ForKeeps Afterlife Messages you can create a message for your loved ones that can be delivered safely and securely to them at a future date through ForKeeps. You will be able to choose the format (picture, message, video), the guardian and the delivery date. 

Digital AlbumWith ForKeeps you can store all your special memories in one place by creating fully customizable digital albums. You can revisit these moments at any time and from anywhere. Your memorable life events, be it an anniversary or a lovely day surrounded by loved ones should not get lost in the ether of change and transition. If you are ever looking to bring a priceless smile on your face and those that you love just open ForKeeps and scroll through all the beautiful emotions, experiences, and feelings that you have gone through in your life. 

Who Should Make a ForKeeps Digital Time Capsule?

There is a strong case for every one of us to make a ForKeeps Digital Time Capsule. If you are a grandpa or a grandma your loved ones will want to remember and celebrate your life story you should leave them a digital time capsule so that they can do that. Also, don’t forget to add a message for future generations, they will surely benefit from your words of wisdom and advice.

When your children grow up, they might not remember just how impossible to manage they were and what you went through to raise them. A digital time capsule is a great way to capture this special time when your children are growing up. You can open this digital time capsule on their birthday to have a special moment with them.

Serving your nation in the military is one of the greatest honors for any man or woman but it also comes with the sacrifice of spending a lot of time away from your family. Creating a digital time capsule is a great way to stay connected and show them you care and love.

Marriage is a sacred bond between two people. And as the years pass this bond turns into an amazing story that has countless special and memorable moments. A digital time capsule is a great way to revisit these moments and keep falling in love over and over again with your partner.

Good friends are one of the greatest blessings of life. They are with us through thick and thin, the good times and the bad times. A digital time capsule is a great way to revisit the crazy times when things were different and a little crazy. Maybe you went on a trip together and things got a little out of hand. A digital time capsule is a great way to look back at the carelessness and veracity of youth.

These are just some examples of the moments and situations in life that are special and timeless. We are sure that you have your own amazing moments and experiences that you want to store and share with your loved ones. Start making your own ForKeeps Digital Time Capsules before time passes you by!

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