Creating Social Closeness and Closure during Social Distancing and COVID-19 Pandemic

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Regardless of the reason of a loved one’s death, losing a loved one is one of life’s most difficult and challenging experiences for everyone affected, regardless, if you are young or old, a family or a friend, or if the death was expected or unexpected. What we are left with is grief and the process of dealing with funeral arrangements to say our final goodbyes and celebrate our loved one’s life with family and friends. 

But with 2020 being declared the deadliest year for many countries around the globe and in particular in U.S, with deaths having topped the 3 million mark for the first time in history, due mainly to the coronavirus pandemic, and having more deaths in a single day, greater than even 9/11, many of us have sadly either been in mourning or know someone who is, by being connected with losses through our family & friends or digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We are sadly really living through unprecedented times, where mortality and death has never been spoken about more openly and continues to be one of the daily topics in the news globally. COVID 19 has changed our world and in doing so transformed or forced transformation of many industry sectors, including the Funeral Industry. An industry baring century old traditions, customs and rituals, an industry overwhelmed with deaths, with more than half of funeral directors having experienced increased (or undeliverable) cremation rates directly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the hardest part within this, is the impact of differing COVID-19 legislations in how funerals can or cannot take place, from lockdowns in 2020, through to social distancing and restrictions still on the number of people allowed to attend. All having a huge impact on the natural emotional suffering and grief process one goes through during the loss of a loved one. The impact of death is overwhelming and triggers many unexpected emotions, from denial, anger, shock, heart-wrenching sadness and loneliness.

Now imagine being told you cannot attend a loved ones funeral as a friend of mine recently was told when she lost 2 family members within a week of each other, or unable to travel due to one of these restrictions, how do we cope and how can we assist bereaved families during these unpredictable times, as there is no right or wrong way to grieve, but there are healthy ways to deal with the grieving process.

About ForKeeps

At ForKeeps, we believe our digital legacy platform is an incredible way to support both the Funeral Homes in the work they already do, by providing them with a tool that can provide additional support to their bereaved families by offering them a digital legacy memorial album as either part of their funeral package or as an additional service. For the bereaved Families, they are then able to share the album with all their family & friends, so they can all be together digitally, to support each other, add words of comfort, tributes, photos, video and even light virtual candles! 

Our award winning innovative mobile and web app creating Social Closeness during a time of Social Distancing 

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Create Your Own Digital Legacy Now!