Memorial Photo Album

Saying goodbye to a loved one is probably one of life’s biggest and hardest challenges. There is no single way or right way, to cope with the grief or loss you may feel. The loss of a loved one will naturally evoke many beautiful memories of time together, and images of togetherness, love and greatness. So let those memories be remembered.

Forkeeps, Memorial Album, is a simple and incredibly personal way to commemorate the life of a loved one. Treasure their memories forever by creating a Photo Album within minutes, that can be accessed from your phone, shared instantly, allowing you and everyone to celebrate and remember your loved one with their most cherished memories forever.

Obituary & Eulogy

You can also add an obituary, and/or a eulogy that may have been delivered at the funeral honouring your loved one, or add a poem to say a few words of love, comfort and support.

Share with Guests

Once your album has been created, you can instantly share it with family and friends, who can also contribute to your memorial album, bringing love and togetherness at a time of grieving and loss

Virtual Tributes & Candle

Allow others to add messages, words of comfort, tributes and photos to honour your loved one. Or even light a virtual everlasting candle. Keeping your loved ones memories alive forever.

Bits and pieces

What do people keep or store in their houses for
sentimental purposes.

How to achieve social closeness during social distancing

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