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A Timeless Message

Send a loved one a personal message on their special day, even after you have passed away.


Why a Timeless Message?

Send a message to your loved ones

Upon Death

Special Known Date

Special Unknown Date

What is a Timeless Message?

Deliver an important message to the future, today

Sending a timeless message allows you the freedom to let your loved ones know how you feel in your own words. You can choose the occasion and also when the message should be sent. A small gesture, but one that will last forever and give you the ability to speak life into future situations



Create a video that shows your message with the expression and detail only a video can hold. Video allows you to carve out your message with your full essence captured in one medium.



Record an audio message and simply say your personal message in your own voice, leaving behind an echo of your essence.


Write down your message in a way that showcases your own words the way only you could.

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