ForKeeps Digital Legacy

Build your family tree today

Create a Digital Legacy of your life which will serve as a time capsule for future generations to experience.


Why a Digital Legacy?

Record your life for your future great grandchildren


One line to describe this


One line to describe this


One line to describe this

What is a Digital Legacy?

Capture those precious moments for future generations to see

Create a legacy that captures your life in ways you want to reflect, give your future family a glimpse into your life. In life you learn many lessons that get lost when not captured or recorded. Your legacy is valuable beyond monetary worth, it is taking the essence of you and leaving that behind for all to see and enjoy.



Choose as many sections as you like, break up your legacy into sections that make sense for you. Choose your top ten favourite quotes, your favourite image of all time or even create a playlist of the best moments of your life.


We have created beautifully designed templates for any situation or content you need to create a legacy. Our templates will allow you to use sliders, quote boxes, lists, scans and much much more…

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