Apple Announces Digital Legacy Rollout

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Like millions of others, I enjoy listening to the WWDC each year with the latest developments from Apple. But this week, a specific development really caught the attention of everyone at ForKeeps – the announcement of Apples ‘Digital Legacy’, a feature that is at the heart of our very own award-winning Digital Legacy App with an exceptional difference in that it isn’t just about your digital assets or data we store on our phones once we die (which is incredibly important), but the digital legacy we create of our lives, whilst we are alive and once we have died that can live forever!

Death is inevitable – But creating a digital Legacy isn’t! 

It is of no surprise that Post COVID19 outbreak, mortality has never been so real and widely spoken, and that death is inevitable. But creating a Digital Legacy isn’t! At ForKeeps we are excited that the world’s largest tech companies are now all playing in these unchartered areas, regardless if it is only about your digital assets and data, but the notion around Death is a topic and sector that has the attention of the biggest tech companies in the world (Facebook immortalising your account and now Apple with iPhone). A topic that often is difficult to talk about or even contemplate. So with these tech companies playing in this area, means greater global awareness about life after death, death pre-planning and the digital legacy we leave behind.

We are proud that ForKeeps, has been playing in this area now for a few years, ahead of anyone else, and have a proven working and successful app that can allow anyone to create a personal digital legacy for themselves or loved ones. An area that we believe is the next big digitised opportunity vs disruption.

So creating a Digital Legacy, means these memories and moments captured today, will become someone’s treasure tomorrow. Why not start your own ForKeeps Digital Legacy for FREE, and create your 1st AfterLife message (video, voice, or a letter).

You can download the App from Apple Store or Google Play or go directly to our Web App.

About Apples Digital Legacy

WWDC Video Legacy

In short, Apple announced If you are an iPhone iOS 15 user you can prepare yourself for the inevitable and choose person/s who will be gie access and handed over your important data. Through this new feature, you will have the choice to decide what happens with your data on iPhone. The feature is similar to some extent Facebook’s Memorialized feature, which deals with users’ profiles and data after a user’s death.

Under Apple’s digital legacy feature, users will need to provide a copy of the deceased’s death certificate and an access key to gain access to the information. Payment information, subscriptions, licensed media and Keychain password data will not be included. They have also built in a number of business rules to avoid misuse of access.

Create Your Own Digital Legacy Now!