About us

Keeping Memories Forever

ForKeeps, a world’s first digital platform, where back to the future becomes the present, the present becomes the future, and technology becomes the enabler allowing people to keep memories alive forever

through creating FOREVER Albums for all occasions, from the BIRTH of a newborn, through to WEDDINGS, and TRIBUTE albums that can be shared with family and friends to add their wishes, messages, tributes, photos and even light a digital candle, send a balloon or toast newlyweds. The platform, also allows you to deliver TIMELESS messages to single or even group of loved ones, directly or via nominated guardians, even when you are no longer here, or create a DIGITAL LIFE LEGACY and capture those precious moments for future generations to see. All easily and beautifully created using the ForKeeps App – Keeping Memories Forever

Why ForKeeps?

Our Why

“The advancement of digital, technologies and platforms in the past will be nothing to go by, as the velocity of change in things to come is going to be unprecedented, unpredictable and in a constant flux of adaptation and evolution. Yet some industries have not changed. ForKeeps believes these advancement will help everyone keep their memories alive FOREVER. Where back to the future becomes the present, and the present becomes the future.” – Prakash Patel

Our Vision

Keeping memories alive – by loved ones 4 loved ones

Our Promise

Securely and easily create and deliver memories of a persons life with loved ones

Our Philosophy

Our memories and the celebration of life can be kept alive digitally for generations to come

Key Features

Great UX/UI

World class usability and Intuitive designs to ensure the best customer experience

Easy Account

Create an account with your social account or by following our secure and safe 3 steps process instantly

Future Messages Today

Create a timeless message in minutes today, in various formats for a loved one, by loved ones, to be time-released

Choose a Guardian

Nominate your own ForKeeps Guardians from delivering a message or letting us know when you have passed away

Forever Albums

Ability to create forever albums within minutes using the latest app-technology


Share albums with friends and family and allow them to add messages, tributes and photos forever

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